Welcome To GenesisX50

GenesisX50 is built on Binance Smart Chain

GenesisX50 features a revolutionary burn mechanism designed to increase token price, improve stability, and add value to our holders.
 When most projects burn tokens, they are added to the burn wallet, which simply becomes another holder. Although those tokens can never be sold, they do nothing to help the project, nor the investors. 

GenesisX50 is Different

Our burn is truly deflationary. When we burn tokens, we don’t send them to the burn wallet… we destroy them completely! This means that our total supply is constantly decreasing. Every time someone buys or sells GenesisX50 tokens, a percentage of the them are destroyed forever! You can see this happening live on BSCScan, after every transaction our total supply decreases.

As the total supply decreases, the value of the tokens in your wallet, and the stability of the project increases.

To further increase holder value, we also reward you with more GenesisX50 tokens every time somebody sells. All you need to do is buy, and hold. And to keep our price floor stable, we dedicate a very healthy 5% of every buy and 4% of every sell to our liquidity pool, allowing our token to survive the impact of larger sells and maintain a stable floor as the price increases.

10% Tax on Buys and Sells

5% Buy / 4% Sell

The liquidity helps to stabilise the token floor and reduce price impact from sells.

3% Buy / 3% Sell

Burned tokens are completely destroyed, adding massive value and stability to the token.​

2% Buy / 2% Sell

Paying team members and investing marketing funds wisely to help raise awareness.

0% Buy / 1% Sell

Rewarding our loyal holders with more GenesisX50 on every sell! Just buy and hold!

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