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about GenesisX50

GenesisX50 is a token designed to transparently burn the supply with every purchase and sale that takes place in addition to this there are BUSD-20 stablecoin rewards that are distributed directly to the wallets of the holders.


Burning supply 2% buying 2% selling

Marketing 5% buying 5% selling

Rewards BUSD BEP-20 2% buy 2% sell

Liquidity - 1% buy 1% sell

Road Map

  • 2023

    cmc and cg
  • 2023

  • Registration on cex
  • 2023

    Launch on other blockchains
  • 2023

    Marketing Europe, America, Asia.

The Documentation

Frequently Asked Questions

01. How to buy a GSX50?

First you need deposit BNB into your wallet, second you need GSX50 contract BSC address : 0xa145CEe521eF48260c263688D17c5F982245620F ; to add at pancakeswap, or any other Dex, set slippage at 10% for transaction to be approved, after whole process you are able to swap, don't forget to leave some BNB for gas fees..

02. How to receive rewards??

Hold at least 1 billion coins.

03. How to see my rewards??

Hold GSX50 and add the BUSD BEP-20 contract to your wallet
Address: 0xe9e7cea3dedca5984780bafc599bd69add087d56.

04. Why do I receive direct messages from unknown person to claim airdrop or free giveaways??

First of all team never DM first, second who DM you 100% scammers trying to get access from your account, take care don't fall into there free things than you can lose your whole investment..

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